Why a Cutie.BPoC Fest?

A group of us, organisers in Berlin are planning a three-day Cutie.BPoC festival here by and for QTIBPOC (Queer_Trans*__Inter*_Black_and_People_of_Color) during 24-26 July 2015. This is a groundbreaking focused event that has not previously occured in Berlin in this form but is building on the work of connected coalition projects that focus on self organising platforms for marginalised groups. As QTIBPOC, we are often left out of Queer events for being Black and PoC (People of Color) and in PoC events for being too queer. This is why this dedicated space is so important.

There are many QTIBPoC communities growing within Europe and we believe it would be productive to come together. We will create a networking space which will connect QTIBPOC people, including activists and creatives, to address issues that affect us and our communities such as– migration, state violence, racism, surveillance, lack of spaces/resources – in order to build stronger networks across countries within europe (and outside of it).

Is this festival for me?

We welcome anyone who self-identifies as both queer, trans*, intersex etc. and Black People/Persons (People) of Colour.

Queers, Intersex, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Travestis, Lesbian, Gay, Dykes, Kuchus, Faggots, Gender-Queer, non-binary, Gender-Variant or non conforming, Femme, Butch, Asexual, Demisexual or Greysexual, Two-Spirit, Stud, Undefined, Questioning…

Those who are descended (through one or more parents) anywhere in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Indigenous peoples of Australasia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Indian Pacific, and Roma, Sinti (and) Travellers. (This does not include either descents of Europeans who migrated to Africa, Asia or the Americas for occupational/colonial reasons, white European migrants and those who do not experience racism!!!).

We explicitly welcome and invite mixed heritage people. Our group includes people with varied ‘race’, ethnicity and sexual and gender identities.


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