New Cutie.BPoC Fest Berlin Website in-progress and online soon!

Dear all,

you may have noticed that no content has been updated on this website since a while. This is because we are working hard on our new website which has been done since a few days, but now we are in the phase of starting the web content filling. To do so, we need to coordinate the infos from all our groups (e.g. workshop team, film-screening team, web-tech team, design team, soli-events team, translations teams, etc.) first. We thank you for your patience and will keep you updated soon here, on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page.

In the meanwhile we have a great event to announce which will take place today (18th April 2015) and is dedicated to all you lovely BPoC (Black & People of Color) and Cutie.BPoC (Queer_Trans*_Inter*_Black_and_People_of_Color) out there. Come along and support our first and groundbreaking festival!

See you there!

P.S. The next soli-events/soli-brunches (in may, june & july) before the festival will be open to everyone. Please find the dates here.

Your Cutie.BPoC Festival Berlin 2015 Team